Highway Bridge Project

Here are a couple shots of the progress on my highway bridge project. The first picture is a view from the yard looking at the bridge as it crosses over my Proviso Freight Yard. I am looking for that busy highway crossing look over a busy freight yard and it’s starting to come together.  The road is to represent Manheim Road.

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Latest progress on Spencer.

Made quite a bit of progress recently.  In block one I replaced the MTH building that I am remaking into the Tangney Hotel with Woodland Scenics new Corner Emporium.  This building has become my Coast to Coast store where I bought my first Lionel train set and mdec2013Fy first bicycle was purchased.

The second block now features an F. W. Woolworth “dime store” that was a favorite of mine as a child.  In the center of the block is my version of Carroll’s Bakery where we used to go for fresh baked breads and hot glazed donuts.  dec2013C

It’s looks like a Friday night and all the stores are open.  Parking meters haven’t been installed yet and cars are taking advantage of the free parking while it lasts. dec2013D

The H & N Chevrolet dealership is now open for business with a beautiful new red and white ’55 Chevy convertible and a Corvette in the showroom.  The salesmen appear to be in good form “encouraging” their prospective customers.dec2013B dec2013A

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Spencer’s first block & the Bandbox Theater

The first block of Spencer has been temporarily installed. On this block is my version of the Bandbox Theater where I used to watch Saturday afternoon movies as a boy. It cost 1o cents and we couldn’t wait to see the weekly Superman serial and find out what happened to our hero. Next to it is Matt Furniture, another actual Spencer store. Hansen Clothing is on Main Street next to Stub’s House of Plenty and the Hotel Tangney. The corner store will be Sportsman’s Sporting Goods and has a customer checking out a golf club in the window.

bandbox4 bandbox firstblock avenue

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Building my town of Spencer

I am working on building the buildings for my first two blocks of my home town of Spencer. Building manufacturers are MTH, Woodland Scenics, and Ameritown by OGR. After repainting and weathering, lights are being added, interior details, and custom signage to replicate Spencer in 1960.

Working on second block

Working on second block

Spencerblock2B Spencerblock2F Spencerblock2E



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Attempt at weathering my first car

I finally got up enough courage to try weathering one of my freight cars.  I chose a cheap Weaver car. The first thing I did was put weights inside as it was very light weight. Then I sprayed dull coat on everything. I followed this with chalks. And finally I sprayed more dull coat on to seal it. It didn’t turn out too bad in my opinion.

Here are the before and after photos.





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2012 Operating Session

Operating Session was held on Sunday, October 21, 2012 with 23 people attending.


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Work on River Area

I have finally been working again on my river area. Even though it isn’t wide enough to look like the Mississippi River, I think I will call it that. It will separate my Iowa section and my Illinois section. The road running underneath the bridges will be “The Great River Road” and the new highway bridge across the river will carry US Highway 18. I want to put signs stating “Welcome to Iowa’ on one side and of course “Welcome to Illinois” on the other. Behind the signs might be a good place for a state trooper to hide?

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