Latest progress on Spencer.

Made quite a bit of progress recently.  In block one I replaced the MTH building that I am remaking into the Tangney Hotel with Woodland Scenics new Corner Emporium.  This building has become my Coast to Coast store where I bought my first Lionel train set and mdec2013Fy first bicycle was purchased.

The second block now features an F. W. Woolworth “dime store” that was a favorite of mine as a child.  In the center of the block is my version of Carroll’s Bakery where we used to go for fresh baked breads and hot glazed donuts.  dec2013C

It’s looks like a Friday night and all the stores are open.  Parking meters haven’t been installed yet and cars are taking advantage of the free parking while it lasts. dec2013D

The H & N Chevrolet dealership is now open for business with a beautiful new red and white ’55 Chevy convertible and a Corvette in the showroom.  The salesmen appear to be in good form “encouraging” their prospective customers.dec2013B dec2013A

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One Response to Latest progress on Spencer.

  1. Zett says:

    Fantastic work Art! I love the changes your making to the buildings. Nice cars as well.

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