Building my town of Spencer

I am working on building the buildings for my first two blocks of my home town of Spencer. Building manufacturers are MTH, Woodland Scenics, and Ameritown by OGR. After repainting and weathering, lights are being added, interior details, and custom signage to replicate Spencer in 1960.

Working on second block

Working on second block

Spencerblock2B Spencerblock2F Spencerblock2E



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2 Responses to Building my town of Spencer

  1. Tim Tielbur says:

    Chugman, just ran across your site. Awesome. I am also from Spencer and lived on east 5th street across from Peterson Sheep & Cattle Co. The Milwaukee stored the empties for Spencer Foods on a siding just across 10th Ave. My dad was a foreman at Spencer Foods and I also worked there until they closed the first time in 77. I am finally moving back to Spencer and am going to model the line from Mason City to Sheldon.

    • Chugman says:

      Hi Tim:

      I would love to compare notes with you about Spencer, Spencer Pack, and the Milwaukee Road. I have finally succeeded in getting Atlas to make a model of a 40 ft steel reefer in Spencer Packing Co. It took nearly ten years of trying. It will be out this fall. I worked at Spencer Pack for 2 days in 1961 and am building a model of the building on my layout. Any way that you could any pictures of the building, cars, or anything would be awesome.

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