Bridge Work

Began removing my bridges that span my Mississippi River in order to install the permanent abutments and paint the bridges. I found that I also had to cut the track boards back in order to have room for the Scenic Express abutments. I’m using their bridge shoes too.

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2 Responses to Bridge Work

  1. Mark Reppucci says:

    Your layout is great…..wish I had the room in California but there are not alot basements. I am about to build a nice layout in my garage. In the past my father and I have built layouts and used traditinal Lionel O gauge track. On this new layout I want to use more realistic track. What track are you using a your layout and would you recommend it for mine?. (the layout is going to be about 12 X 20 ft). Could you please e-mail with your response.



    • Chugman says:

      Hi Mark:

      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, but I am still learning how to use this blog.

      I used Atlas track for mine. I love it except the switches have had a few problems. The switch machines aren’t very good and I am replacing mine with Tortoise. Older switches had wiring problems but the new ones are fine. Love the solid rail and the lloks.

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