Installing Fascia

I think having fascia around the perimeter of the layout gives it a real finished look.  After visiting a friend’s layout that had curved his fascia, I was hooked and knew that I had to change mine to be curved where ever possible too.  My son, Jim, is a much better carpenter than I am and he has been an invaluable asset to getting this done.


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Track Plan

My son, Jim, completed getting my track plan entered into RR Track software and here are the first prints.  The lower level is at the top and the upper level at the bottom.


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New Project of Adding Buildings Behind my Union Station

I have been wanting to add backdrop buildings behind my Chicago Union Station for sometime.  A friend Doug B. recently had to dismantle his layout as he is moving and I was able to acquire some of his buildings that I had admired.  They were Pecos River Brass and Korber buildings.  I was modifying a Korber Electric Power Plant Office into a parking garage and they all came together nicely I thought.


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Get-together January 8, 2017

Had a get-together after the monthly DuPage train show for some of my train friends. About 25 people attended and everyone seemed to enjoy them selves.  I called it a get-together to distinguish it from an operating session.  The idea was to run trains and socialize.

One friend brought over his new Lionel Legacy EJ&E SD38 and it is a beauty.  ran and looked great.  Another brought over his new Lionel Visionline GG-1 which was very impressive with it’s new sparking pantographs.

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Curved Stone Arch Bridge

I am finally getting around to building my curved bridge.  I originally was going to make it a wood trestle, but since it’s double-tracked I didn’t like the looks of it.  So I studied every type of railroad bridge that I could.  I wanted it to be a Midwestern bridge that was actually double-tracked and curved.  The Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge met all my requirements.

risers risers2

I am making a frame out of 1/8″ Masonite and then will be covering it with 1/4″ foam.

outside2 open-framework

strathmore strathmore-under-arch

Here are the first pieces of foam that I have carved.  Next step will be to paint them.

foam-under-arch foam-outside

Completed placing the Strathmore board under the arches.


temporary-track lineup4

painting painting4 test-fit test-fit3

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New Industrial Park

I have started working on an industrial park area that will have three sidings and several businesses. The main plant will be a custom built Wonder Bread Bakery.industrial6industrial2industrial3industrial4

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Working on my large Kansas grain elevator.

grainelevatoraddition3 grainelevatoraddition grainelevatoraddition2I started working on my modern concrete grain elevator last night.  I moved the elevator that I started a long time ago to a narrow strip of land (9″ wide) that I wasn’t sure what to do with.  My original elevator was too wide to have a track for car loading so I decided to add an extension of single silos.  This also gives me a more massive structure that reminds me of the elevators in Hutchinson, Kansas.  I think I will name it Central Kansas Co-op. Here a couple progress pictures.

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Highway Bridge Project

Here are a couple shots of the progress on my highway bridge project. The first picture is a view from the yard looking at the bridge as it crosses over my Proviso Freight Yard. I am looking for that busy highway crossing look over a busy freight yard and it’s starting to come together.  The road is to represent Manheim Road.

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Latest progress on Spencer.

Made quite a bit of progress recently.  In block one I replaced the MTH building that I am remaking into the Tangney Hotel with Woodland Scenics new Corner Emporium.  This building has become my Coast to Coast store where I bought my first Lionel train set and mdec2013Fy first bicycle was purchased.

The second block now features an F. W. Woolworth “dime store” that was a favorite of mine as a child.  In the center of the block is my version of Carroll’s Bakery where we used to go for fresh baked breads and hot glazed donuts.  dec2013C

It’s looks like a Friday night and all the stores are open.  Parking meters haven’t been installed yet and cars are taking advantage of the free parking while it lasts. dec2013D

The H & N Chevrolet dealership is now open for business with a beautiful new red and white ’55 Chevy convertible and a Corvette in the showroom.  The salesmen appear to be in good form “encouraging” their prospective customers.dec2013B dec2013A

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Spencer’s first block & the Bandbox Theater

The first block of Spencer has been temporarily installed. On this block is my version of the Bandbox Theater where I used to watch Saturday afternoon movies as a boy. It cost 1o cents and we couldn’t wait to see the weekly Superman serial and find out what happened to our hero. Next to it is Matt Furniture, another actual Spencer store. Hansen Clothing is on Main Street next to Stub’s House of Plenty and the Hotel Tangney. The corner store will be Sportsman’s Sporting Goods and has a customer checking out a golf club in the window.

bandbox4 bandbox firstblock avenue

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